Learning Process

Student Centered Learning (SCL)

UMY use Student Centered Learning (SCL) as The Learning Process, which is one of the learning approaches that are now very popular among education practitioners in the world. SCL is believed to be very effective in improving the learning process in order to achieve student learning outcomes optimally. This is consistent with the philosophy of learning, that learning is an activity of acquiring new knowledge where the more knowledge students acquire, the greater their chances of continuously improving the quality of their attitudes and behavior. This view is in line with the learning approach developed by the flow of cognitive psychology which believes that students with knowledgeable information can explore many new learning resources both alone and together with their peer group. That way, students can gain a lot of new knowledge information and continue to add new conclusions.

Learning Process at UMY

The teaching and learning process conducted in the classroom during this time is often one-way where the students just listen to what the lecturer delivered. Therefore, students are more actively involved to interact with teachers or between students. Percentage of students' ability in understanding and remembering what material has been studied before is only 5% if they just listen to lecturer explanation.

What have to do for Lectures?

Lecturers should always start by designing the outcomes (outcomes) what they want to achieve in teaching and learning activities. A lecturer can only choose the material content and learning tasks after he / she realizes what is needed by his students in comprehending the overall material presented.

The Effectiveness of Student Centered Learning (SCL)

Students will be able to remember and understand the material deeper and longer if they are able to explain the content of the material to others. Understanding and memory of students in explaining the contents of the material to others reached 90%. Interaction is also an important point in teaching and learning activities because not only the students who get the benefits, but also the lecturers also get feedback (feedback) whether the material presented can be received by students well.

Supporting Factors of Student Centered Learning (SCL)

Four characteristics of students consisting of students who are motivated by professions, replies, social, and students who do have a great interest in the field. Unfortunately, the characteristics of the last student are arguably few in number and become a minority among other characteristics. Therefore, at the beginning of the study, students should be encouraged and encouraged to learn the material provided.