Student Affairs

Institute for Student and Alumni Development

Institute for Student and Alumni Development is the manager of student affairs programs at the University level and coordinates with the vice deans of student affairs in the faculties.

1. Student Creativity and Reasoning Development Division (PKPM) Development and improvement of achievement:

a. Student Creativity Program and National Student Scientific Week (PKM-PIMNAS)

b. Village Bina Grant Program

c. The most oustanding student

d. Other reasoning creativity competitions at national and international level.

2. Student Interest and Talent Development Division (PMBM) Guidance and development of achievement:

a. Student Activity Unit (SME)

b. University Student Executive Board (BEM-U)

c. University Student Representative Council (DPM-U)

d. Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM-Korkom UMY)

3. Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship Division (IBK)

a. Business training

b. Business planning and development consultancy

c. Student facilitation

d. Entrepreneurship Exhibition

e. Competition and award of entrepreneurial grants

4. Student and Alumni Career Development Division (PPKMA)

a. Career consultation

b. Training to improve employability

c. Recruitment on Campus

d. Career information and job vacancies

e. Tracking the existence and gait of alumni

5. Division of Student Counseling and Welfare (PKKM)

a. Student counseling services

b. Health care, accident, and death services

c. PPA Scholarship Service, Primary Achievement Scholarship, General Besiswa, Dippora Scholarship, and others

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Students Blog

Express the knowledge through your writing and spread to the world. 

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Upgrade the knowledge with various books completed for all study programs. Library is supported with comfortable reading room, multimedia, library reference, mosque, etc.

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Extracurricular UMY

Students Organization is formed in order to achieve the purposes: 

  1. Optimized students creativity based on Islamic values. 
  2. Optimized students potential in specific field or activity to reach the achievement. 
  3. Improve the patriotic and nationality as the part of Moslem behavior.
  4. Improve the community service spirit.
  5. Meningkatkan pemahaman dan pengamalan Islam.

There are 33 organizations in University level such as:

No Name
1 Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa
2 Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa
3 Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah
4 UKM Aikido
5 UKM Bahasa Arab “Al Mujadid”
6 UKM Bahasa Inggris “Student English Activity”
7 UKM Bola Basket
8 UKM Bola Voli
9 UKM Bulu Tangkis
10 UKM Drum Corps
11 UKM Forum Pecinta Pena
12 UKM Fotografi “Release Photography Club”
13 UKM Hizbul Wathan
14 UKM Karate
15 UKM Kelompok Penelitian
16 UKM Kerohanian Islam “Jamaah Al Anhar”
17 UKM Koperasi
20 UKM KINE Multimedia
21 UKM Musik
22 UKM Paduan Suara “Sun Shine Voice”
23 UKM Pecinta Alam
24 UKM Pers & Penerbitan “Nuansa”
25 UKM Pramuka
26 UKM Resimen Mahasiswa
27 UKM Sepak Bola
28 UKM Taekwondo
29 UKM Tapak Suci
30 UKM Tari & Karawitan “Sentaka Mudya”
31 UKM Teater “ Tangga”
32 UKM Tenis Lapangan

UKM Tenis Meja

Himpunan Mahasiswa Akuntansi Terapan (HIMATA)

Himpunan Mahasiswa Akuntansi Terapan (HIMATA) is student organization in Study Program level