Education Fund Assistance

Academic Financing Program

BMT UMY provides bailout funds to students who are constrained in the payment of tuition fees such as SPP, KKN and others. The main requirement of filing Academic Financing is the submission of this student must be known by the parent. In addition, students are also required to have an Achievement Index (IP) of at least 3.00 on 4.00 scale. In detail, the conditions that must be met to apply for bailouts for students, as follows:     

Fill in the Financing Application Form (Forms can be taken at BMT UMY, AR Building Fachruddin B Ground floor)     

1. Copy of ID and KTM     

2. Copy of KRS and KHS     

3. Copy of Identity Card of Parents     

4. Copy of Family Card     

5. Copy of Registration Form     

6. Copy of Payment Slip of the previous semester


SPP's own Tuition Fund opened at the end of the new semester payment period. After collecting all the requirements, the student will also be required to obtain approval from the Dean of the Faculty of the student concerned. For payment installments to BMT UMY itself, students are given maximum installment time up to 5 months. It is intended that students can immediately pay off the financing in one semester, so that in the next semester students who have paid off the financing in the previous semester can apply for financing for the next semester. Until now, the number of students who have applied for Academic Financing to BMT UMY has always increased since the opening of the program in 2012. In 2012, 88 students are proposing, 2013 113 students, 2014 111 students and 2015 as many as 158 students.


Academic Facility Financing Program

In addition to academic financing assistance, BMT UMY also provides academic financing facilities such as laptops, motorcycles and mobile phones to students in need. The existence of this Academic Facility Financing program, is expected to support the learning needs and mobility of students during the UMY. The main requirement of Academic Facility Financing is an active student at least 2nd semester, with a minimum of 3.00 on 4.00 scale. Students are also required to have completed academic payment in the semester to be applied to apply for this program. While the maximum installment is one year, depending on the study period of the student concerned.

The full terms of the Academic Facility Financing application are the same as the Academic Financing, with the addition of the following:     

1. Copy of Slip Semester payment that is being taken     

2. Advances fee at least 20%

In addition, BMT UMY also has a program Gada and Titip Vehicles in BMT UMY. This program applies every student holiday and has been started since 2015. The advantage of this program is the maintenance of the vehicle will stay awake every day like a motor engine heating. So that students who entrust the vehicle do not have to worry the vehicle will break down after long left homecoming. For the cost of this vehicle care is Rp 7.000,00 per day. This vehicle custody is no minimum limit, students can also entrust the vehicle only for one or two days only.